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My Woman Centred, and feminine way of HEALING & TEACHING, was created as a result of my own very personal healing journey. One that continues to evolve every single day.


If you too have found yourself on a journey of discovery and change, you may be feeling lost, anxious or overwhelmed as you manoeuvre life's obstacles.

Perhaps you're in a place right now where you're struggling to take the next steps, as you search for and begin to awaken to your life's purpose and true potential.


What story have you been told?

What story do you still have to tell?

Each healing journey is unique.

YOU are uniquely beautiful!

LET'S CONNECT on this journey...

Healing - the woman centred way - is very much a journey of co-creation, where YOU will be encouraged to take the wheel.

I'll be right beside you, sharing a wealth of knowledge, techniques, tips and tools that you yourself will be encouraged to work with, all gained from my own very real first hand experiences.

Together we will create your own tool box for self care, continued development and healing. 


If you feel called, do get in touch, and let's work together to re-frame the past, re-discover the joy in the present, and re-write the next exciting chapters, as you take the brave healing steps forward, as an awakening woman.

For more information on my offerings, please click on the drop-down page links.

Every woman who heals herself,
helps heal all women who came before her,
and all those who come after her.”
- Christiane Northrup 
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