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Heart and Soul led

Healing, Teaching, and

Intimate Retreats for Women,

 based in beautiful

West Wales.

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Everyone has a story to tell.

A song to sing

A dance to dance

A poem to share

A healing journey

A medicinal remedy

A love story

A teaching to offer

A mountain to move

A gift of wild wisdom

A plan of action

A desire to express

A painting to paint

A vision to live

A legend to unfold

Everyone has a dream to live.

Especially YOU.


"Teresa's passion, is to guide and support

women of all ages, who are ready for change. 

 Her heart led, and feminine centred offerings of healing, and teaching,

ensure that you will be deeply and safely held, and nurtured each and every step of the way,on your own uniquely beauty-filled  Womanhood Journey."



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Teresa Walker

We are all made up of stories.


Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend....

Healer and Teacher, Mentor.

Just some of the many hats I wear these days.

Just some of the bits and pieces that make up my story.​


Having had a really rewarding and successful career in Nursing, while in my forties, I found myself facing overwhelm, and physical and emotional burnout.

I was in a dark and lonely place at this time. Confused and scared, and really questioning who I was, and struggling to find any light in my days.

While I'm deeply grateful for traditional medicine and the ways in which it helped me, I personally found true and deep healing when I began travelling on a more whole and holistic path.


I've been blessed to have the opportunity to study various modalities of healing, and each one has led to another door opening, and so many opportunities for deep connections, and growth. Indeed, my personal journey has become more and more wonder filled with each passing year.

It truly has been a journey that has been full of twists and turns and my dance with life has led to a desire to live and work as a creatrix for change, in a WOMAN centred way, and I've been working as a healer, and teacher for some years now, holding women’s circles, red tents and ceremonies and more recently intimate healing retreats for women.


My work, and the women I meet, have inspired me to continue learning and growing, and my work and life continue to evolve along side each other, and never cease to amaze me!

Based in Pembrokeshire, I am passionate about my Welsh heritage and ancestry, and this rather magical land that we live in.

What gifts and wisdom she shares, if we only take the time to look, and listen.


I'm also passionate about local community, and the ways in which it's women are held and supported. I have been inspired by, and worked with many amazing women, and men over the years, and I continue to work in the voluntary sector also.

It's an honour and a joy to work with women, as they heal and awaken to their truth.

As they remember, reclaim, rewrite and share their own magical stories.

Allow me to honour YOU, and help to turn the light your way.

You have a beautiful and powerful heart and soul, and this is YOUR find and share your voice, and to tell YOUR story, as you reclaim your power, on your own very unique, special and sacred, womanhood journey.



My Woman Centred, and feminine way of HEALING & TEACHING, was created as a result of my own very personal healing journey. One that continues to evolve every single day.


If you too have found yourself on a journey of discovery and change, you may be feeling lost, anxious or overwhelmed as you manoeuvre life's obstacles.

Perhaps you're in a place right now where you're struggling to take the next steps, as you search for and begin to awaken to your life's purpose and true potential.


What story have you been told?

What story do you still have to tell?

LET'S CONNECT on this journey...

and work together to re-frame the past, re-discover the joy in the present, and re-write the next exciting chapters, as you take the brave healing steps forward, as an awakening woman.



R E I K I 


R E I K I  D R U M


Initial Consultation

£45 / Hour and a half

Subsequent Consultations

£40 / Hour




£40 / Hour




A W A K E N I N G 


£40 / Hour


£40 / Hour


Y O G A   N I D R A





£40 / Hour 


Prices as advertised



E N E R G Y  H E A L I N G


£40 / Hour

PELLOWAH & Mentoring

£50 / Hour and a half


R I T E   O F   T H E



£4O / Hour


Prices as advertised

My Offerings



If you enjoy Reiki, why not learn how to self heal by being attuned into Reiki yourself.

As a Master - Teacher of traditional USUI SHIKI RYOHO (The Usui System of Natural Healing), I currently teach all levels of REIKI, from Level 1, through to Master/Teacher levels.

This can be done on a one to one basis or in small and intimate groups as this is a very special and personal path of self discovery.

I am always honoured to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in this beautiful and gentle art of self discovery and healing, and as a Reiki Master - Teacher, I offer full after care and guidance during this very special personal journey.

I am registered with The UK Reiki Federation, and all of my courses are fully Certified and Insurable.

All teaching will be advertised on the Website, Social Media, and via my Newsletters, so be sure to "SIGN UP", and of course you can get in touch with me directly at any time.



"Dear Teresa
I just wanted to say a few heartfelt words of deep gratitude for the most beautiful experience that is Rest, Restore and Rise.
This gentle, yet powerful, weekend surrounded by the woodland magic that is Felinganol, supported me to reconnect with myself, the earth and my soul sisters.
Your guidance and wisdom created and then held a very special space where deep healing took place.
I laughed, I cried, I expanded and I loved it all.
From my heart to yours, thank you xxx"

Nadia. Portsmouth

"Teresa...What can I say - the weekend blew me away! It was above and beyond my expectations.

Being a Mindset Coach I have worked a lot on myself.....or at least I thought I had dug deep enough to deal with my own negative emotions and habits I desperately wanted to be free of! 

Yoga Nidra was enlightening and the guided circles allowed me to release the last of my emotions that had been holding me back - I finally felt free to go on with my journey feeling rested and excited with the unknown.

In a beautiful location, in the company of like minded souls I cried and laughed with all of my being - I rested, I restored and I rose. Teresa your an inspiration and I highly recommend this retreat with all my heart!


Much Love

Louise xxx"

Louise, Monmouthshire

"Teresa is an amazing human being - she is very intuitive and uses her special gifts to provide the best possible options her clients can pursue when they reach out to her.
I recently did a card reading with her; and whilst she was very professional - she was also very gentle and reassuring with my rambling questions at a time when I was struggling to stay calm. This was a bonus to the fact that she provided me with a wonderful insight into answers that the cards provided to my questions.
Teresa is a genuine, warm and compassionate healer - of that I have no doubt.
This experience encouraged me to also book a Pellowah healing session with her; and she was very supportive in helping me stay receptive to this powerful healing method.
Both the card reading and the Pellowah healing were done without physical contact; and both were very effective.
I have definitely benefited from both sessions, so can vouch for how Teresa's methods really work - distance is not a restriction; and it is wonderful how Teresa is committed to creating an atmosphere of kindness, gentleness and love through her work.
I wish her all the very best; and would highly recommend her to anyone considering any of the services she offers."

V.D  ~  London


"I would like to say to anyone thinking of attending Teresa Walkers' Rest, Restore & Rise retreat who is perhaps a little anxious or shy of taking that step to heal & nurture yourself......

I can guarantee that you have nothing to fear & everything to gain!

I find things like this a challenge & yet, as soon as I arrived at this gorgeous venue & was welcomed by Teresa, I felt safe!

I felt so gently held & cherished, cocooned in such beautiful tranquil surroundings & fed the most delicious & wholesome food. There was NO pressure. You are free to do whatever feels right for you, to join in or not, it's your choice. 

Teresa is an amazingly intuitive host, leader, mentor & friend to all who join her!

Plus by the power of the universe, just the right mix of ladies come together to make it such a special experience.

I left feeling so much lighter, calmer & yet energised & ready to face the world again.


I have grown in confidence & in my own self belief that I CAN move forward & continue to grow!

My horizons are now far wider & I am so grateful to Teresa & all the ladies for their help & support.


Love & heartfelt blessings."


Anne. Carmarthen

"Some people turn to ice cream, and chocolate, some to alcohol. When I am stressed, I go to Teresa! I have been going to her on and off for a few years now, and the work she does is AMAZING! I have had Reiki, and Stress/Anxiety Management sessions, and the work has helped me be successful through some very stressful occasions.

Teresa provides such a relaxing environment, which puts you at ease immediately, and she has such an amazing quiet manner that encourages you to open up, and really let down the barriers to get to the real issues.

It's the best time you can spend looking after yourself!"

K E L L Y  ~  South Wales



"I received a distance Pellowah healing session from Teresa, and knew immediately that the healing gift had been heaven sent for me at that time in my life.

I followed Teresa's instructions and soon fell fast asleep, not really having any recollection of what happened, or experiencing any dreams, but when I woke, I felt a tingling sensation over my heart, and then started to feel the most amazing bliss!

Bliss, clarity, a sense of limitless expansion for my life, AND my work.

A sense of increased focus, and wholeness ensued.


Thank you so much Teresa for this truly amazing healing!"

R H O S A L A R I A  ~  Devon

(Rhosalaria loved Pellowah so much she went on to study the Practitioner Training. Welcome to the Pellowah family Rhosalaria xx)


"Teresa's gentle heart, held space for me at a time when I couldn't hold my own.

She taught me how to put myself back at the top of my "to-do" list, and to make myself a priority, when I'd become so used to and conditioned to taking a back seat and getting gold medals in people-pleasing.

She helped me to create a toolbox to then use in every day life, one that I dip into each and every single day now. Seriously life changing work.

Reclaiming my power as a woman has not only touched and improved MY life, but the lives of my family too. I am a better person and for that I am always grateful."

C.P  ~  Pembrokeshire



I can't thank you enough for your support and guidance Teresa.  You seemed to instinctively know just what I needed, and your healing has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you. I will be back! 

E.J ~ Pembs.​

"I attended Teresa's Rest, Restore & Rise Retreat in May 2019.

I didnt know what I wanted and I didnt know what to expect......but it was everything I needed and more!

A safe haven of love & gentleness, guided by a wonderfully calm and nurturing environment created by the lovely Teresa; whilst the work conducted during the retreat was focussed on  soul-nourishing.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for answers no matter which phase of life or what part of their journey they are at."

VD, London.



I'm so glad that I booked for a Pellowah. Teresa immediately made me feel relaxed, calm and comfortable.

During the treatment I felt very warm sensations with the energy shifting through my body, I had lots of very strong images where I felt very connected with nature and actually felt like I was a part of it!

I am a Sound Therapist, and since the Pellowah I feel that my own work has been enriched and become more powerful have been much more powerful, and I am playing much more intuitively.

Also, my part time therapies business that was plodding along has since really taken off with people I had not met previously coming into my life and mentoring me.

This all happened very very quickly following my Pellowah healing!

Pellowah also helped me to say NO and to prioritise what I want in my life, and  of course that means then being able to say yes to the things I really want to do, and I feel so much more “in the flow” with my life and my work.

It’s also reminded me to slow down and “smell the roses”, and not just race through life missing the joy and beauty! Thank you!


Patricia  ~  South Wales, UK



Narberth Natural Health Centre.

11 Market Street



SA67 7AX

Tel: 07946 597362


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