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What is Yoga Nidra?


Yoga nidra meditation is “yogic sleep.” Through a series of guided instructions the body is led into a state of supreme relaxation where the unconscious and subconscious mind awaken, opening the potential for deep healing. You get to lie the whole time. Initially, yoga nidra feels like a really nourishing nap, but ultimately the intention of yoga nidra is to liberate a person from suffering. 

Forty-five minutes of yoga nidra meditation feels like three hours of sleep in the body.


Key Benefits


  • Minimises tension and counteracts stress. In our modern world, many people are in a state of tension and frustration - muscular tension, emotional tension and nervous tension. The mind is always in a state of arousal. In the practice of yoga nidra meditation, the mind is relaxed through breathwork and guided rotation through the body, thereby releasing the mental tensions. As a result, through a regular practice of yoga nidra, tensions at the physical, emotional and mental level can be minimized.


  • Relaxes and trains the mind. The subconscious mind is obedient. During yoga nidra meditation we use a "sankulpa", a deep heartfelt intention, and plant it in the subconscious mind when the body is relaxed and ready to absorb and accept it. Also, when awareness is rotated on the different body parts during yoga nidra meditation, it not only induces physical relaxation but also clears the nerve pathways to the brain.


  • Improves sleep and reduces insomnia. Yoga nidra trains the mind and body to relax and move more easily into the deeper states of sleep.


  • Clears up unconscious conflicts. From early childhood, we tend to repress wishes, desires and conflicts. During yoga nidra meditation the practice of visualization brings the unconscious repressed desires, experiences, conflicts and frustrations to the conscious level and then cuts off the personal identification with those experiences. As a result, the unconscious is cleared up.


  •  Awakens creativity. When the mind is totally relaxed, the awareness slowly enters the deeper realms (subconscious and unconscious) of the mind and the person becomes aware of their creative and intuitive faculties. Regular practice of yoga nidra helps in making a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, awakening creativity.


  • Enhances memory and learning capacity. When yoga nidra meditation is used in education, both hemispheres of the student's brain are involved in learning the subject, whereas in classroom teaching the left hemisphere functions more. In this way, the practice of yoga nidra meditation involves the total mind in learning


As a Daring to Rest™  Yoga Nidra Facilitator, I'm committed to helping  women, take back rest.

Daring to Rest yoga nidra, is particularly dedicated to changing the worn out woman paradigm and the belief that yoga nidra meditation and the Daring to Rest method is the simple sleep solution women have been looking for.

Why women? Consider this:

Eighty percent of people with autoimmune diseases are women.

Over fifty percent of sleep disorders are experienced by women.

And between 2003 and 2015 there was a 344% increase in women ages 15 to 44 taking ADHD medication (and a 560% increase in women 30-34).

Women are clearly exhausted. And what is the remedy for exhaustion? Rest.

When I reached Menopause, rest became more and more of an issue, indeed a lack in my life.

Menopausal insomnia brought the realisation that as a busy working mum, homemaker, wife, daughter, friend (those hats again!) I hadn't really rested in what felt like forever! And conversations with friends, family and clients made it clear that change is needed. Yoga Nidra is for women of ALL ages who are hearing the call to REST, and nourish themselves.

Brené Brown says

"It takes courage to say yes to rest and play, in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol."


I'm passionate about sharing this Rest medicine with YOU.

Join me in this rest revolution and say YES!

Having trained with the Daring to Rest Academy I now hold 1:1 private sessions, and group Yoga Nidra medicine in Women's Circles here in Pembrokeshire, and am in the process of setting up some Online courses where I'll be sharing the Daring to Rest magic.

1:1 YOGA NIDRA - £40 (60 Minutes)

YOGA NIDRA Circles & Workshops, as advertised.

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